9 June 2017

The Northern District. A world that no longer exists.

The former Northern District, now referred to as Muranów, was home to Warsaw’s Jews. Today, it exists only in literature, in old photographs, and in the memories of its former residents. After the war, the streets and squares have changed their names and courses. Some of them disappeared altogether, later replaced by modern apartment blocks. We will, however, carefully look around and get off the beaten track led by our experienced guide in order to find out that not everything had perished. Traces of old Muranów can still be found on buildings, sidewalks and in basements.

During the walk we will travel 80 years back in time and learn about the former Northern District’s everyday life through people, documents and literature. We’ll find out where the “good” and “bad” streets were, recall the most important places, buildings, people associated with pre-war Muranów, and try to look beneath the layer of modern architecture to experience the non-existent images and sounds.


Duration: 120 minutes

For more information write to: beata@stacjamuranow.pl or call +48503775928