7 June 2017


Stacja Muranow its a space for cultural, artistic and social affairs projects, which are important for our local community. One of our main activity is organization of exhibitions. Vernissages take a place every 2-4 weeks. So far, we have organized more than 40 vernissages, among others: Maciej Klauzner, Maciej Margas, Andrzej Rysuje, Ola Tubielewicz, Adam Walas, Anna Koźbiel, Lech Żurkowski or Grzegorz Jarzynowski.

The schedule of next exhibitions determines our calendar. Please e-mail us to send you proposal: info@stacjamuranow.pl. We offer: a 60 m2 gallery space, ArtiTeq display system with 40 cables and hooks, sound system and support in promotion. The costs associated with organizing the vernissage are covered by the artist (wine purchase and stuff). We do not provide a framework and we do not keep the works . After the vernissage we can place images in our online shop.

Technical plan for download (PDF)