7 June 2017

Themed walks. Discover the district of Muranów and other areas of Warsaw with us!

In response to numerous inquiries, we are pleased to announce that from April 2017 Stacja Muranów will offer its original walks around the neighbourhood in several thematic routes. Our team composed of Beata Chomątowska, writer and journalist, Łukasz Prokop, vice-chairman of Stacja Muranów, and urban activist, born and bred at Muranow, Aleksandra Engler-Malinowska, licensed guide at The Museum of the History of Polish Jews and educator, Maciej Mahler, architect and art historian will show you Muranów from an inside perspective along with a broader look at the district. They will share their personal experiences and unique knowledge providing you with information that goes far beyond what is found in standard guide books. On special request we can also offer walking tours focused on modern architecture of Warsaw or its selected districts, and a guided tour of the permanent exhibition in The Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

Routes available:

  1. Housing development as a monument. An architectural utopia.
  2. Mural-ów
  3. Heroes on the scaffolding
  4. Nowolipki – a street of miracles
  5. The Northern District. A world that no longer exists.
  6. The ghetto was here

For more information write to: beata@stacjamuranow.pl or call +48503775928