9 June 2017


Muranów is the biggest large-format outdoor art gallery in Warsaw. In the last few years many murals have been created in the district’s gateways, courtyards and on its walls. If the current rate continues, Muranów may get ahead of Zaspa in Gdańsk — a neighbourhood with the biggest concentration of murals in Poland at the moment. Unlike Zaspa, due to its complicated and difficult history, Muranów has murals that hold both aesthetic and educational qualities. Since 2010, street artists have created a new historical narrative with local murals dedicated inter alia to architect Bohdan Lachert,as well as Ludwik Zamenhof, Janusz Korczak and Marek Edelman.

The walk follows a route of Muranów’s most famous murals, explaining their themes, revealing the stories behind their origins and the artists’ profiles. During the walk, we’ll look closely at each individual work and compare it to other large-format painting in Poland throughout history. We will also find out why Marek Edelman’s mural changed its original location, which mural got to have its own anthem, and what do Master Yoda and Clint Eastwood have in common with the Esperanto language. We’ll also reflect on why murals have become such a phenomenon in the last decade, and look at the causes of their popularity, controversy and the dilemmas they still evoke.


Duration: 120 minutes

For more information write to: beata@stacjamuranow.pl or call +48503775928